“Liz is the best person a team could hope for, she is intelligent, savvy, funny and an all around a problem solver. Regardless of how dire I think the problem might be she is always able to save the day, communicate the follow up steps and do so while saying, “it’s not a problem, just give me a minute”. I unequivocally recommend Liz to anyone who needs a little magic on the team.” — Jamie Brennan, Project Manager

“Liz is an excellent engineer, particularly from my perspective as a user experience practitioner. In our work together, she provided substantive technical critique on wireframes and functional annotation documents, thus helping to clarify overall project expectations. I would look forward to her reviews because the feedback usually resulted in improved user experience. She also provided effective estimates of the technical complexity of UX options, which really helped to to keep recommendations achievable and projects on-budget. During development, she’d often ask for collaborative input as project documentation came alive in the ether. She’s a great resource with a good sense of humor to boot.”
— Robin Stevens, Director, User Experience and Senior UX Strategist

“Liz is one of the best software engineers I have ever had the privilege to work with. As her manager I had the privilege of looking good in spite of the environment and her projects were always executed with efficiency and accuracy. I would choose to work with Liz again in a heartbeat.” –Jeff Hulbert, Senior Software Engineer & Technical Lead

“Liz was a joy to work with. She was a wonderful part of the team and made work fun every day. She was a superb developer very intelligent and extremely capable. I have never worked with another programmer who could handle difficult clients with the grace of Liz. Her ability to perform under fire was amazing and every day I was grateful she was part of our team. I would highly recommend Liz and would gladly work with her again.”
— Tracy Worden, Technical Project Manager and Team Lead